History, Vision, Mission & Values


Datascrip – Business Solutions
A company that markets and sells machinery, digital devices, furniture, survey tools, stationery, and systems needed in business and offices.

Datascrip started out as a humble stationery store in 1969. The company continued to expand its product lines from stationery to office equipment, office machines, drafting machines, office furniture, computers and printers. In 1979, Office Systems was the company's core business. With its foray into information technology sector, Datascrip is now known as a One-Stop Business Solutions company.


Our vision is to be the prominent distributor of business products in Indonesia.


Our mission is to support customer's business through high quality product provision and excellent customer service, with strong company culture, competent employees, efficient technology and good financial health.


We believe and base our actions on the following values:


  • Succeed Above Success.
  • CARE - Customer Interest, Attentive, Responsive and Enthusiasm.
  • SMILE - Share, Motivate, Improve, Lead, Efficient.
  • CoCoCoCo - Communication, Cooperation, Coordination, Commitment

If you are interested to be part our our family, please visit our Careers page.